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Aikido Weapons limited edition Iwama Tanto


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Aikido's "Tanto" in white oak (Iwama)

Length: 30 cms.

Aikidoka & Budoka friends. Excelent chance to own a Tanto made of japanese white oak, 100% original with Aiki seal, the same as the ones used by O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba's studentsAikido founder, like Morihiro SaitoHitohiro Saito and actually master Hideo Hirosawa. Brought to you directly from Japan and crafted by the Saito family. They are limited edition, as each one of them lasts nearly three years to be made.

Varnishing is not needed, as we use them and take contact with the Jo, the natural grease of our hands will turn them softer and change from white to a toast brown color.

This aiki weapons are with no doubt the best, and the more time passes, better they become, without twisting or bending and preserving their perfect balance and symmetry.

White Japanese Oak Tanto with Aiki seal, in this limited edition presented 100% original by Saito Family. Perfect symmetry and balance for any Tanken Dori practice.

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Master Morihei Ueshiba used this type of bokuto which is also known as Takemusu Tanto. The founder Morihei Ueshiba used it mostly during keiko in Iwama when doing demonstrations and explanations. It is made of white oak and takes several years to be completed. It is soft and does not need any kind of extra oil, etc. The natural oil from your hands will help it slide naturally.


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Aikido Weapons limited edition Iwama Tanto

Aikido Weapons limited edition Iwama Tanto

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