General contract clauses unless agreed in writing particular, the placing of orders in implies acceptance by the customer of these legal conditions. No provision made by the customer may differ from Export-Manga unless it is expressly agreed in advance and in writing by Export-Manga. These conditions of purchase are restricted exclusively to the website of the company and its processes purchase online.


Export-Manga disappointed send out the order in the next 24 hours (working days) to it, provided that all the material is taken into stock and are found to have made the payment.

Delivery times indicated by Export-Manga are for guidance and Export-Manga aims always be as close as possible to them. However, the delay does not imply the cancellation of the order or compensation.
   Delivery shall be deemed made at the time the carrier has placed the products available to the client and has signed the document on receipt of delivery. The client must check the goods upon receipt and expose all the caveats and complaints may be justified in the document delivery receipt. It is the obligation of the customer notice within 24 hours of receiving the order if you wish to report any eventuality, material shortage, defect, breakage, etc. After these 24 hours Export-Manga shall not be liable for claims that are made to that effect. Export-Manga reserves the right to demand compensation to the customer by judicial complaint if a confirmed order is rejected by the client when it has left our warehouse, and / or you try to deliver by the carrier. Running the client with all the costs of the process as required by law. Compensation is required based on the order, which can include shipping expenses only shipping plus damages.

       Returns (Right of withdrawal)

The purchaser has a period of 7 working days from the date of purchase receipt or invoice. (Article 44 of Law 47/2002) After this period Export-Manga will not accept returns for any reason.
  Export-Manga not refund your purchase in any case will proceed to generate a fund by the amount of the refund to the customer use on future purchases. For the return occur within this period, Export-Manga send new product to the customer, without it by returning the above. For products that use TFT technology (Nintendo DS, PSP, etc.), the appearance of dead pixel is not considered grounds for a refund or exchange if you miss manufacturer requirements for entry under warranty, not being returned or by switching in any case the product.
  All returns must be authorized by Export-Manga. To do this the customer must request Export-Manga by email a total return authorization (RMA) indicating the reason for the return and the order number. Once the client has received the RMA number will be archived the amount owed for future purchase. Shipping costs of the new product shall be borne by Export-Manga (sending the material, carriage with international standard shipping systems).


The product warranty is mandated by law or by the manufacturer from the date of confirmation and payment of purchase, except as specified in writing other terms or warranty is given directly by the manufacturer, in which case the customer shall contact the customer service thereof. After 7 days of the sale the customer must contact the manufacturer directly if he had a problem, having fulfilled within direct responsibility required by law by Export-Manga past 7 business to purchase confirmation day.

In case of having to make a payment, it shall not be effected in cash, such payment shall be valid for six months.
  Initials shipping costs (the costs incurred in purchasing the product in the first instance) will not be paid by Export-Manga in any case. Instead, the postage incurred in sending the new product will be assumed by Export-Manga.
   For electronic products that do require a return for repair thereof, the warranty is void under the following circumstances:

· The failure was caused by misuse of the product, as well as those caused by falls, bumps, wrong food.

· The product is delivered without invoice, or software manuals.

· If there is tampering, breakage of labels, seals or serial numbers.

· Products with Firmware different factory.

· Installation and / or connection incompatible with the product peripherals.

· The product does not work properly due to lack of resources on the client computer or inconsistent with it.

· The existence of burns or tracks raised on electronics components whose visible.

· Handling and Setup or misconfiguration Bios and Firmware upgrades is exempt from warranty.

· Damage due to events or natural disasters such as storms, floods, lightning, earthquakes, fires, etc., affect or not the power supply.

· The warranty does not cover incidents due to problems with software or computer viruses.


Once verified the fault, we will forward the product to our supplier for repair or replacement.
  As soon as we send our supplier will ship the product freight prepaid by us before alerting via e-mail.
  Export-Mnaga not advance or provide material of your stock while it is repairing the client material simply acts as an intermediary between the provider and the customer.
  Once the client has received the RMA number must properly pack the products and forward them to the address specified by Export-Manga or manufacturer. This transport costs borne by Export-Manga long as you send back to our store and not directly from the manufacturer, which in this case will agree with the client directly.

       Technical Service:

Export-Manga is not responsible for the software, the existing information on the products to be repaired, or the legality of the software deposited by the client in Export-Manga for installation. The customer is entitled to request prior estimate, and pay the amount of the preparation of the budget should not be accepted.
   If within one month of the date that you contact the repaired product is already available, do not withdraw from the premises of Export-Manga, share storage and preservation of 0.60 Euros will accrue daily.
   If within one year, the product is not withdrawn, the client loses ownership (Art. 460, 4th, and 1968 of the Civil Code).

  · Limitation of Liability:

The information provided on this site Export-Manga is for information purposes and therefore Export-Manga accepts no responsibility for their content (such as where the suitability of a product for a particular purpose).
   Except where expressly stated, nor Export-Manga nor any of its officers, employees or representatives be liable for any damage arising from the use of this site. In particular shall not be liable for any damage caused to people and / or things, or the total or partial loss of data and information, or expenses and / or lost profits that may result from the use of the products it sells Export-Manga. Export-Manga is not responsible for the content of other sites linked to this site. The risks arising from the consultation of such pages at customer to be bound by the terms and conditions of use thereof.
   Tendered prices, features and availability of the products marketed by Export-Manga change without notice.

       Force Majeure:

The parties shall incur no liability for any failure due to force majeure. The fulfillment of the obligation will be delayed until the cessation of force majeure.


     Buyer may not assign, transfer or convey the rights, responsibilities and obligations contracted sale.

If any provision of these Terms is held invalid or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining will not be affected in any way, nor will undergo modification in any way.

  The customer declares to have read, understood and accepted these Terms in its entirety.