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One Piece Green Secret Pieces

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One Piece Green Secret Pieces, the data book of the work of Eiichiro Oda, that helped by the success of the One Piece manga has successfully placed a total of 452,662 copies here in the island.

In the initial sketches of One Piece Green Secret Pieces interesting things appear for all fans.

* Although not handwritten by Oda, he has actively participated in its creation and everything is reviewed by him.

The official names of some characters have changed:

- Moria becomes Moriah. - For those who added the "i" at the end of Jinbe, is confirmed to be Jinbe. - Dracula Mihawk is the official name of the Shichibukai.

Now a few names of some pirates of Shirohige's band. - Andre Frankenstein (the old giant that appears in the War). - Hermy (the fat old pirate.) - Ramba (the pirate that looks like a Spartan). - Vizarre (the pirate with the iron jaw). - Epoida (the pirate shaved). - Karma (the octopus head.) - Baron Lightning McGuy (the pirate with the nose and chin). - Eylewan (the walrus pirate). - Blondie (a pirate that looks like a pig). - Amadob (the guy with a crown). Some Marines: - Racklo (the giant who looks like Akainu). - Ronz (the giant with helmet).

- The Databook begins with the words of Usopp in the book flap (where Oda usually writes a message in the normal volumes of One Piece)

Usopp: "Have you noticed the number of masks with animal head shaped that are in the ships?" A long, long time ago, in the launching ceremonies of the boats, people prayed for the safety of ships and sacrificed an animal. Putting the animal's head on the ship, is the origin of the animal-headed masks nowadays. In other words... they had to sacrifice a sheep and a lion for the Merry and the Sunny!".


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One Piece Green Secret Pieces

One Piece Green Secret Pieces

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