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Valkiries of Battlefield

VKOB 0003

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Genre: RPG, Strategy, Action

Format: Blu-Ray

Company: Sega

Year: 2008 (put on sale on April, the 24th)

Language: Japanese

Platform: PS3 (PlayStation 3)

This title was put on sale in Japan on April 24th, is the most ambitious project of SEGA for Playstation 3. Accompanied by Toshihiro Nagoshi (AM4 Studio Director responsible for games like Super Monkey Ball and F-Zero Gx) and development teams of titles such as "Yakuza" or "Sakura Taisen" bring this game that mixes strategy, rpg and action with some incredible results. Bringing fresh air to a video game market where there are too much prequels and sequels, making this game an original gem.

The argument put us in a small country called Gallia, "in which people are involved in a war between two superpowers. The people with little education in the art of war (as are ordinary housewives, bakers, mechanics or students) will be forced to fight and defend their country at all costs, thus becoming a competent army, but far from being an army with generic units, in this game each character has its own identity and personality.

With a beautiful sequence of introduction and a lovely melody this game is going deeper into what awaits us, a dream soundtrack and outstanding graphics. Undoubtedly a step forward in the traditional Cell Shading, as the shading is finished with pencil, watercolor style for the characters (which appear to be from an anime) and scenarios that make us thing we are playing a high quality animated movie.


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Valkiries of Battlefield

Valkiries of Battlefield

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