Dual Shock 3 (black)

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Manufacturer: Sony

Year: 2007

The Dual Shock 3 is the new innovative PlayStation 3 controller from Sony with rumble feature. The standard PS3-controller shipped with the PlayStation 3 has no rumble feature and the quality of the controller is poor in comparison with the quality of the new Dual Shock 3 controller.


- Bluetooth conection with litium battery lasting around 30 hours, can be charged with an USB - mini USB cable.

- L2 and R2 are now analog triggers.

- Playstation button (PS button) added, this button opens the ps3 interface.

- Four leds that show what player port are you using.

- Improved sensitivity.

Black version.


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Dual Shock 3 (black)

Dual Shock 3 (black)

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