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Take a step forward before everyone!

Get the latest portable marvel of Nintendo, the new DSi that will be available in Europe from the spring of 2009, but ...

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Choose Color: White or Black?

Nintendo DSI (Nintendo Dīesuai ニンテンドーDSI) is a portable console made by Nintendo, a review of the Nintendo DS Lite model.

Data System

* Weight: 214 grams.
* Size: 137 mm x 74.9 mm x 18.9 mm.
* Stylus larger: 92 mm.
* Display: Bigger than the Lite (3.25 inches instead of 3).
* Battery life: 9 to 14 hours with the brightness to a minimum and 3 to 4 hours with a maximum.
* Compatible with SDHC cards.
* Playing AAC audio.
* It has two cameras, has a microphone next to the 0.3-megapixel (VGA) so that the user is portrayed himself and outer 3-megapixel - camera inside - so that the user is portrayed himself and other foreign
* Two colors, black and white.
* It is 100% compatible with games for Nintendo DS original, both in LAN mode as in Wi-Fi.

New features

* Take photos.
* Sign a website with no extra device.
* Edit and move photos from cell phone to DSi (with the SD card).
* Its internal memory device allow future upgrades of the console.
* Buy games or download free channels on DSi Channel Store and its DSiWare.


* Improvements to the audio.
* SD card reader.
* Internal memory.
* Two cameras included.
* The screens have grown by 3 inches to 3.25 inches.
* Playing AAC audio.

The console will use the new online store of Nintendo, which can download content through the Wi-Fi connection with the use of the Nintendo Points (equivalent to the Wii Points), which will be named DSI Points in the shop the console.


At the DSi shop we will be able to find four types of software, with a similar idea to WiiWare:

* DSiWare free, as DSI Browser and Moving Notepad.
* DSiWare200, applications and games very compact, at a cost of 200 DSi Points.
* DSiWare500, puzzles and simple applications of considerable size, at a cost of 500 DSi Points.
* DSiWare Premium, products which will cost from 800 Dsi Points.

Until March 2010, Nintendo plans to give away 1000 DSi Points to each user, as part of the trial period of the function.

A game mentioned in the presentation conference of the console to be released in this category is a version of Brain Training, which will include the use of the camera.


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Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi

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