The Eye of Judgement (Playstation Eye included)

TEOJ 0002

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Genre: Strategy – Cards – Playstation Eye

Company: SCEI

Year: 2007

Language: English (game) and Japanese (cards)

Platform: PS3

This special edition includes:

1. The game “The eye of Judgment”

2. Playstation Eye

3. Playstation Eye exclusive stand

4. Game board

5. Starter Deck (30 standard cards and 4 special cards)

6. Booster Pack

Sony, in partnership with Wizard of the Coast (the company responsible for creating the famous card game Magic: The Gathering) show us an innovation in the genre of strategy cards: Eye of Judgment. This original title gives us the opportunity to combine virtual reality with the game, and thanks to the technology of the new Eye Toy for Playstation 3 (included with game) Whenever a player pulls out a card to the board, Playstation Eye identifies it and reproduces the creature of that card on your TV, with exceptional graphics and several combat animations. 

Get into the role of a powerful sorcerer and invoke your creatures to defeat your opponents and be the best in the world ranking. Because this game gives you the chance to face against players from around the world (via Internet) or test your skills against the CPU. 

Note: Although the game cards are in Japanese, the console translate the game screen to the language you have configured your console.

Playstation Eye (included with game) 

Playstation Eye has been specifically designed to fit perfectly to the new generation of social games and new services developed for Playstation 3. Among its main features are: 

• A sophisticated microphone that reduces background noise and improves the identification of words through their multi-function. 

• Capture images, video and audio and save it directly on the hard disk of PLAYSTATION 3.

• The camera works well even in low light conditions. 

• Includes multiple recording modes, such as slow motion. 

• High frame rate video quality enhancement and recognition of movement. 

• Two zoom modes: foreground and body. 

• Includes a large amount of visual effects applied to both photos and videos. 

• Includes editing software EyeCreate ™, which lets users record and edit videos, pictures and audio files.


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The Eye of Judgement (Playstation Eye included)

The Eye of Judgement (Playstation Eye included)

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