Tales of Phantasia

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Genre: RPG

Platform: Super Famicom (Super Nintendo)

Format: Cartridge

Company: Namco

Year: 1995

Language: Japanese

The first role-playing game of the 'Tales of' saga that Namco brought. This saga was very successful even in the competition with sagas such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

It has 48 megabytes of memory (Snes version) and is one of the first to use digital voice, in this case of Japanese seiyus and the first to have an Opening sung.

The saga of "Tales of Phantasia uses a battle system called the Linear Motion Battle System (LMBS), used here for the first time. This is a battle in real time based on 2D fighting games like Street Fighter, in which there are no menus and commands during the battle and the characters have to fight constantly. In LMBS the player only directly controls one character: the other characters are controlled by the CPU.

All versions have come out of this game only in Japan, with the exception of the version for Game Boy Advance, released in North America and Europe.

This game is based on the story of Tale of Phantasia by Yoshiharu Gotanda.

There is an anime version on DVD that consists in 4 Ovas that incorporates part of the adventures of the group. There is also a manga.

The story of this title begins with a battle between 4 legendary heroes and an evil sorcerer... heroes win, but the man fled ... it seems that their plans are to return some day to stop the heroes.

So begins this fantastic story, full of surprises and epic moments. An excellent classic and the beginning of a great saga!


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Tales of Phantasia

Tales of Phantasia

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